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All Weather Bicycling

Bicycling in the rainRiding a bicycle in Sacramento year round is not difficult, but to ensure a safe and comfortable ride, it helps to have a little knowledge under your helmet. Here’s information on equipment, clothes and techniques for riding when it's wet, cold or dark, and for maintaining your bicycle after you ride on wet streets.

Advances in fabrics and gear make it possible to bicycle comfortably year-round, even in the cold and rain.

Clothing for cold weather

You can stay warm in the most inclement weather if you layer properly. Also, you will need a place at work where you can change clothes and, ideally, shower. You can put clothes in a backpack, a bike messenger bag or panniers, or bring clothes for several days if you can store clothing in an overnight locker. More...

Cycling in rainy weather

Sacramento has year-round cycling weather. But what about the rain? To bicycle from November to April, you'll want to learn about layering, fenders, flashers and headlights. You need to be aware of special techniques for cycling on wet streets, and how to get the grime off your bike after you ride. More...