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The Sacramento TMA is an independent non-profit organization that offers alternatives to driving alone. This website has information on options, incentives to try them, and programs to support your choice to change the way you get to work. We encourage you to explore this site for information to help you decide which transportation alternatives will work for you.

Check out our Facebook page where we post current, interesting commuter facts: how to winterize your bicycle, stay warm waiting for transit, share the street with pedestrians and bicycles (when we're driving).

Bikeshare bikes at the Capitol BikeFest May 12th

The Sacramento TMA is hosting the annual Capitol BikeFest at the State Capitol on May 12th. Anticipating the region’s bike share project, we would like to showcase bikeshare technology so we invite bikeshare providers to the festival, with your bikes and technology relating to bikesharing. The Capitol BikeFest is a fun, friendly event where local bike shops as well as clubs, non-profits that do fundraiser bike rides, health-related organizations, and other clean air transportation groups have tables of information. Space is limited, so please contact us to reserve your space by April 27th.

Find the right mix for your commute

People’s lifestyles vary, and commute needs change based on where we live, distance from work, weather, and personal responsibilities. There are plenty of transportation alternatives: carpooling, vanpooling, riding a bike, taking the bus, telecommuting and walking. By considering your options ahead of time, you can be prepared and know what to use when you need one. You can find all the information you need on this site or by calling us at (916) 737-1513.

Not sure where to start?

There are a variety of tools to help you plan your next low-car trip: