Working with children at home is unique to 2020




Working at a kitchen counter or couch is not ideal ergonomically

Information for Teleworkers

If you like the time you save not going in to the workplace, and the flexibility of scheduling your work and home life, ongoing telework may be for you. This site has information and links to help.

COVID-19 Experience. It is important to recognize that the Work-from-Home experience of COVID-19 is not true teleworking. It might be better described as Extreme Teleworking because of childcare, schools closed, the need for a dedicated work space, and finally, not having a choice and working from home every day.

The two feelings many people agree on are "Every day is the same,"" and "It seems like I'm working more."

Yes, we wake up and ponder what day it is.  And what makes Saturday any different? We look at our calendar, often with very few entries for the week.

Marilyn Bryant, director of the Sacramento TMA, suggests taking a break. Maybe a "safe" road trip to family, if they're being as careful about contacts as you are, or go camping. Check out HipCamp for small sites with few people, sometimes your own bathroom.

To the second concern, "working all the time," Bryant suggests doing the work when you need to, to get it out of your head and then take your personal time during a workday. Start later; have a relaxed mornimg; take a longer lunch or an online exercise class mid-afternoon to refresh. One of the benefits of working from home is the flexibility. You'll still be available if needed. After all, you're not going anywhere.

This Coronavirus teleworking is completely different thanks to four factors:

  1. Children. The most challenging aspect of working at home for parents is managing their children. Closed schools and the transition to distance learning has forced many working parents to take on the additional job of full-time teacher.
  2. Space. People are working from kitchen islands, dining room tables, couches and beds.
  3. Privacy. Housemates need space also and they may distract.
  4. Choice. People were not given a choice if they wanted to work from home or at the workplace. And many are working from home every day rather than choosing to one or two days a week.

Software and Programs

Remote workers will use the software and programs their employer provides or requires.

Make sure your mobile workplace has the following capabilities:

Ergonomics of the Home Office