Bike for shopping

Bike for shopping with front and rear baskets

Bike for shopping

Bike with rear pannier

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Shop by Bicycle

You can ride your bicycle for many of the errands you do during the week. Shopping for food is one of the most frequent trips we make, and many times it’s just for a few items that will fit into bike panniers or a basket, so why use your car for grocery trips?

Most stores don't allow bikes in the store, so take a bike lock with you. If you’re not sure where you’ll park your bike when you get there, call and ask if they have bike parking near the door.

Bicycle for shoppingThe bicycle at right is perfect for errands and shopping. The handlebars and seat put the rider in an upright position that is comfortable and makes it easy to scan to the side and behind. It has a bell, kickstand, fenders rear rack and four baskets: one on the front, one on the rack and two on the sides.


It helps to add some equipment to bicycle with a load on a bike:

Riding with a load

The extra weight of a load won’t actually affect the handling of your bike when you ride, even if you only put a load on one side of your bike, and you won’t find that it’s more work to pedal.

Planning Your Trip

You may want to take quieter streets than you would if you were in a car, so plan your route ahead of time.

Remember to make sure you have enough air in your tires to make pedaling easier and to prevent “pinch flats”. Look on the side wall of your tire for recommended pressures.

And of course, have a small bag under the bike seat with basic bike tools: a pump, tire levers and a spare inner tube.